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“3.11” Program – We Will Remember
2 Apr, 2014 (Wed.7 pm – 9 pm

“3.11” has become a historic sign to be remembered with a specific time and date, March 11, 2011 at 14:26:23. It divided “before” and “after” from that specific time. Numerous images reporting the disaster put all Japanese people into paralysis. What happened at that time? What will begin from now on? Many news and myriad websites, people with cameras, tried to grasp the complete picture: the devastation caused directly by the earthquake and the tsunami, the invisible sense of terror burst by nuclear power plant accidents; recovery deterred by various problems; world-wide repercussions on the regulation of nuclear energy; the size of the picture petrified us.

A tide of scenes and facts that nobody wanted to see or even to know, swept over us. People who had never spoken before appeared on various media. For now, each has his or her own thing to say. There might be things they don’t want to deal with, and facts they want to hide. What we need now is not just affection and friendliness. Pure sentiment and honesty alone could not have eased this situation. “UNEXPECTED” became a buzz word. Enormous deprivation, which was quite-predictable, gave rise to a chain of sorrow and anger. Where should these sorrow and the anger be directed? Pessimistically, somebody might say  a country like ours had no hope anyway. After-all, it is just an honest word by the Japanese people.

The “3.11” program was woven with a straightforward cause. We wanted to know what were the independent “EIZOU” artists thinking when the earthquake struck Tohoku area. Hence, these videos were not directed to a unified volition nor political assertion. This program complied what artists experienced during and after the moment.   After three years, they are now completed.

Curators:  Hiroaki SATO (佐藤博昭) and Katsuyuki HATTORI (服部勝孝)

About the curators



A few minutes later
Director: Hiroaki SATO | Japan | 2011 | 3m 11s

Director: Youhei KUROZAKI |Japan | 2011 | 3m 11s

Swimming up from Fukushima gulf to home river
Director: Hiroshi ASHIKAGA | Japan | 2011 | 3m 11s

Director: Katsuyuki HATTORI | Japan | 2011 | 3m 11s

img073a2 2011/09/26 15:25
A growing historical evidence in my life
Director: Bon Tan Sui | Japan | 2011 | 3m 11s

Sky Don’t Fall
Director: Akiko NAKAMURA | Japan | 2011 | 3m 11s

Voice of farmland
Director: Eiji AZUMA | Japan | 2011 | 3m 11s

The lake
Director: Aki NAKAZAWA and Jan VERBEEK | Germany | 2011 | 3m 11s

To the eyes of sleepless nights
Director: Yu SHIGEMATSU | Japan | 2011 | 3m 11s

Making of Tokyo
Director: Yousuke SANO | Japan | 2011 | 3m 11s

Don Ska Ban

Director: Naoya OOE | Japan | 2011 | 3m 11s

… ……….,
Director: Haruyuki ISHII | Japan | 2011 | 3m 11s

A Found Beach
Director: Keitaro OSHIMA | Japan | 2011 | 3m 11s

Director: Kentaro TAKI | Japan | 2011 | 3m 11s

Director: Sayaka SHIMADA | Japan | 2011 | 3m 11s

Commemorative photos
Director: Maki SATAKE | Japan | 2011 | 3m 11s

Bye Bye Alfred
Director: Kotaro TANAKA |Japan| 2011 | 3m 11s


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