Macau Experimental Video Works


4 Apr, 2014 (Fri.4 pm – 6 pm

While most film makers or creators of moving images strive to get subsidies of up to 1,500,000 patacas for “Production of Feature Films” from Macao Government, or are busy participating in a variety of short film competitions but there are a few who still insist on exploring the expression of moving images experimentally.

Ray CHU’s《vent-hole》presented an interesting relationship between the ‘holes’ and ‘objects’. The work《Quarrel is like a revolution that you always throw your expressions without holding something back》, from Joein LEONG, told her feeling about quarrel. And my work《the scars of my city》expresses my own thoughts about the development of Macao city. JieYu LEE’s《Decomposition》dealt with the symbiotic connection between people. Joao O manipulated those distinctive images to show the alternative and inner stories and voices of the architectural space. And《The Pretender》from Jose BRUMMOND presents the attitudes about marriage of some Mainland Chinese women, exposing a distinguishing phenomena arising from different cultural circumstances.

Curator: Bianca LEI Sio Chong

About the Curator



Director: Ray CHU | Macau | 2014 | 3m 50s

Quarrel is like a revolution that you always throw your expressions without holding something back
Director: Joein LEONG | Macau | 2014 | 3min

The Scars of my City
Director: Bianca LEI Sio Chong | Macau | 2011 | 19min

Director: LEE Jie Yu | Macau | 2013 | 5m 14s

Microsoft PowerPoint - MIES presentation.ppt [Compatibility Mode
Director: João Ó | Macau | 2010 | 25m 35s

The Pretender (3 of 11 letters)
Director: Jose DRUMMOND | Macau | 2010 | 12m 20s


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