Mainland China

The Spectacles of Chinese Society in the Era of Mutation


Apr, 2014 (Fri.) 7 pm – 9 pm

In the past ten years, China has entered an era of mutation: social distortion caused by rapid economic growth. The mutation is manifest as the extreme disorder and dislocation of social spectacle, in that every aspect of “evilness” challenging mankind’s bottom line is exerted itself to the fullest. The spectacle captured by experimental video artists, re-expressed in their artistic language, comprises even more bizarre visuals.

In this programme, eight works from China formed a “closed ring” of Chinese society: elder artist Tang Guo tried using stop motion animation, “corpse plant” as an element, to portray the social ruin caused by the decline of the agricultural civilization. Young artist Lei Lei collected a huge number of old films from the ruins in the age of massive demolition, scanned all of them and made into a film with stroboscopic effect. When it comes to Liu Jian, transitions in the blinking visuals became a formatted “China Dream”. However the same dream is depicted by Ding Shi Wei as the clouds of reality, a black 2D animation with social-historical background. Under the same social background, Pei Li has been repetitively interpreting an everyday sentence with different performances. Liu Chang magnified the anxiety and loneliness of the moment in his poetic films. Yet Yi Lian is trying to construct a surreal image that is alienated from the society with an escapist attitude. The mirror image has been interpreted by Shen Chao Fang from the angle of “We media”, as a film with documentary impulse. And the background of the short film is precisely a real ruin in the boundary of an urban society and rural society.

Curator: CAO Kai


About the curator


isn_ something missing_6
Isn’t Something Missing?
Director: PEI Li | China | 2009 | 6m 46s

In the Mood for Nostalgia 02
In the Mood for Nostalgia
Director : SHEN Chao Fang | China | 2012 | 3m 19s

Director: LIU Chang | China | 2012 |10m 18s

Director: LEI Lei and Thomas Sauvin  | China | 2012 | 5min

Director: YI Lian | China| 2013 | 12min 42s

Chaos & Order
Director: LIU Jian | China | 2010 | 5m 03s

Double Act
Director: DING Shi Wei | China | 2013 | 4m 37s

The Rhyme of Ruins

Director: TANG Guo | China | 2012 | 13m 15s


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