Sun Shower


3 Apr, 2014 (Thu.) 4 pm – 6 pm
Total Run Time: 68 minutes

The world we see in our everyday lives is made up of diverse forms that coexist and share a common time and space. With its organic rhythm, structure and way of existence, nature allows seemingly contradictory realities to coexist. There is Yin and there is Yang; there are men and there are women; there is strong and there is the weak; there is agreement and there is disagreement. Balance, with respect and conscience, is harmony. Turbulence happens when one side tries to dominate the other violently. But more often, we tend to be going back and forth restlessly. Indecisive. Both sides seem appealing for different reasons. One reality develops and forms into another new reality. It’s all work-in-progress and we’re not sure what it’ll become at the end. This might be the general atmosphere of a developing community, which has much potential, to become basically, anything. But what do we want to become? Do we share similar life values as a collective? Where are we going? Shall we stop, just for a moment, to go inward and ponder, or even having a little fun with the chaos and uncertainty, when it rains while the sun is shining very brightly out there?

This programme features works from or made in Malaysia. Participating video artists include Andrew STIFF, Adrienne MARCUS RAJA, AU Sow Yee, Azharr RUDIN, Jason BERNAGOZZI, KOK Siew Wai, LIM Chee Yong and WONG Eng Leong.

Curator: KOK Siew Wai

About the Curator


Hakka Village
Director: Andrew STIFF | Malaysia | 2014 | 5m 30s


Director: Adrienne MARCUS RAJA | Malaysia & Canada | 2013 |10min

A Day Without Sun in Mengkerang 01
A Day
Without Sun in Mengkerang (Chapter 1)
Director: AU Sow Yee | Malaysia & Taiwan | 2013 | 22min

Director: Azharr RUDIN | Malaysia | 2005 |15min

Memory and Ritual in Frame Difference 2
Memory and Ritual in Frame Difference

Director: Jason BERNAGOZZI | Malaysia & United States | 2012 | 8m 40s

mud game 1
Mud Game
Director: KOK Siew Wai | Malaysia | 2014 | 3m 40s

Lulai-Vanishing people 1

Lulai –Vanishing people
Director: LIM Chee Yong | Malaysia | 2014 | 7min

Director: WONG Eng Leong | Malaysia | 2014 | 3m 51s

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