Opening Forum

Opening Forum: Experimental Media and Society


1 Apr, 2014 (Tue.)
7:30 pm – 10 pm
Future Cinema Studio, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong

The Forum will discuss social related experimental media in Asian cities and countries. Topics included but not limited to:
– Is socially concern/ engaged art popular in their home country?
– What are the themes and the most popular issues?
– What are the experimental or expanded art form?
– What are the styles and characteristics of this kind of art work?
– Does the new technology affected this kind of art?
– Do these kind of art make any impact to the society?

Moderator: Linda LAI Chiu Han (Associate Professor of School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong)

Japan: Hiroaki SATO (Director of SVP2 (Spread Videoart Project Second Aspect);
 Katsuyuki HATTORI (Co-founder of Spread Videoart Project, art Lab, GOLDENSHIT, and VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo)
Macau: Bianca LEI (Programme Curator in Macao Old Ladies House Art Space (Ox warehouse))
Mainland China: CAO Kai (Director of Asia Experimental Film and Video Art Forum)
Malaysia: KOK Siew Wai (Director of Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival)
South Korea: LEE Hang Jun (Curator of Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul)
Hong Kong: Phoebe MAN Ching Ying (Director of Asian Experimental Videos Festival in Hong Kong)



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