South Korea

Spatial Trace


2 Apr, 2014 (Wed.) 4 pm – 6 pm

Videos from South Korea discuss urban redevelopment projects and people’s memories of  Seoul.

Curator: LEE Hang Jun

About the curator



Zeboriskie Point

Zeboriskie Point1 Zeboriskie Point2
Director: PARK, Byoung-Lae | Korea | 2011 | 9m 53s

This project, developed in the process where one chased the history of “Zebo-Sun-Chang”, a small marina in Gunsan-Si of Jeolla Province. The motivation was the unnatural conflict between the present and the past, that has remained as economic growth moves along with the modernization process of Korea after emancipation. This sort of landscape of dissonance, or in other words, the contradictory present of the local community represented as ‘Gunsan’, was shown to be overlapped with the scenes of the ‘Zabriskie Point (1970), directed by Michelangelo Antonioni to me, and this is reconfigured through the images containing the journey of exploration of ‘Zebo’, the unknown figure who visited desolate space.

I plan to do more research and expand the unique perspective that experiences and feels the tension of the individual recognition process and the tension apparent in the constant interval between the individual and the society, all in my world of pieces.


The Measles Monster

the-measles-monster3 the-measles-monster2
Director: HEO, Chul-Nyung | Korea | 2012 | 15 min

I set out in search of the traces of people who were moved out of the place by the hungry dinosaur called development, and in one empty house I found a note and a sketchbook of a child who would have become a quite mature teenage boy. The heartbeat and the smell of sweat which would have been at every corner of the village are now filled with heavy silence, noise of machine for breakdown and the sickening smell of waste. Couldn’t the village where the princess Dangle used to live withstand the Measles monster of capital and logic for development? The reality was neither as just as the fairytale, nor as beautiful as the diary.


Photographic Survey

photographic_survey2 photographic_survey
Director: BYUN, Jae-kyu | Korea | 2013 | 15m 48s

I noticed a salt barn and approached it, taking pictures. But as the real object came into view clearly, it was not the same as I expected. I believed a salt barn was a bird observation deck. I print photos and build them through piling up copy by copy in an orderly manner. From the camera table, a camera keeps an eye forward the photos out of focus. As time passes, photos come closer to its lens, thick as they pile up. Ultimately about 500 photos, congealing memories as if they metaphorize the trajectory of consciousness, turn back on such a subjectivation, ambiguity. The stack of photos proves that it is not a salt barn what I tried to remember, and becomes a means by which the incompleteness and ambiguity are revealed.



February1 February2
Director: CHO, In-Han | Korea | 2011 | 4m 20s

Ball, wind and tree. Light, shadow and surface.


Winged Ant

wingedant2 wingedant3

Director: SEO, Bo-Hyung | Korea | 2011 | 8 min

This video is an investigation of the link between the actual event of a theft from my house and a winged ant that flew into my house like a premonition. I thought a thief who is able to imagine by only his traces even without meeting in person is similar to the nature of image. The contents of this video consist of moving images which are close to photographic images and texts. This work dealt with imaginable things among visible things, and invisible things which can be written in language and those that can not be written in language, video images and text.


A Story of Elusive Snow

snow1 snow2

Director: PARK, Min-ha | Korea | 2013 | 14m 33s

This is the story of a foreign woman who seeks ‘snow’ in Los Angeles. She missed snow which reminds her of her motherland South Korea. At the same time, she identifies her motherland with snow as a stranger in Los Angeles. However, her seemingly impossible attempt produced unexpected results. Interestingly, Los Angeles was filled with numerous different representations of snow. There were lots of synthetic snow effects for the Hollywood movies industry. From discovering a special effects factory called ‘Snow Business Hollywood’ to ‘magic Snow co.’ which is working for shopping malls in downtown L.A., her personal longing about snow meets with our more fundamental desire towards elusive magic and illusion.


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